At the west side of the outskirts of mountains Sierra de Tramuntana there is a little hamlet of Alaro.

This picturesque area is frequently a starting point for hikes.

The most popular destination for excursions and hiking tours is the Castel d’Alaro. In the XIII century this fortress became a stronghold for Mallorca’s independence fighters against the troops of Alfonso III de Aragon. Two knights, Cabrit and Bassa, are still being esteemed as heroes as after the castle had been conquered by Alfonso they were burnt alive. Their urns are still kept in Palma’s Cathedral.

The ruins of the castle may be reached on foot or by car (road sings are available). When starting from the Es Verger Inn, it is necessary to go on foot as that road is unsuitable for transportation. Nevertheless, the route is very attractive. In fair weather the view from Castel can be observed up to Palma and the south-west coast.  

The road from the castle leads to the top of the mountain. There is another small inn there, with a view even more picturesque and with soft drinks for refreshment.

On Saturdays you can watch typical scenes of local life at Alaro market’s main square.  

Sports fans may attend the Alaro Sports Center with its tennis courts,   a playing field and a swimming pool.