Activities in & around Alaro

Here is a small selection of offers if you want to have an active rest.

We will be glad to help you with organization!
  • Hiking
  • Bicycle tours
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Diving – canyoning–kite-surfing
  • Beaches
  • Wellness / Massage / Yoga
  • Culture
  • Excursions in the island’s caves
  • Visits to local wineries and wine testing

Evenings of Mediterranean cuisine in Can Pep

We will also organize evenings of Mediterranean cuisine for you on your request.

The Mallorcan cuisine with its Mediterranean character is a regional representative of Spanish cuisine. Its basic ingredients include such vegetables as paprika, tomatoes, vegetable marrows, egg plants and garlic as well as a large amount of fish. The dishes are mainly cooked with olive oil.  

Meat dishes

Meat dishes are called in the island as “Carn” (in Catalan) or “Carnes” (in Spanish). Usually they cook here pork and mutton while beef is served only in Basque and Galician restaurants. Some meat dishes and products, such as Sobrassada and Butifarra, are cooked of local pork: “black pig”.

Soups and ragouts

In Spanish, a broth is called “caldo”, a soup – “sopa” and a ragout with meat or fish is called “potaje”. This ragout has at Mallorca also a name in the plural form (in Spanish “sopas” and in Catalan “sopes). Its resemblance with the word “sopa” sometimes leads to misunderstandings.

Vegetable dishes

  • ”Tumbet”, a vegetable casserole with potatoes, zucchini, paprika, eggplant and onions, is an ideal dish for summer time.

Fish dishes

Fish dishes are called in Spanish “pescado”, in Catalan – “peix”.


Dishes from poultry are called „aves“.

  • “Pollo”, a chicken (usually grown free-range)

“Palomo con col”, a dove cooked in the same way as a meat dish “Lomo con col” (pork tenderloin with cabbage)